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Welcome to the Windward Studios Beta Portal

Welcome Windward Studios Beta Testers!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as Windward's new Product Manager.   I have been working with Windward for over seven years in various roles ranging from sales engineer to sales account executive.   During that time I have always been in close contact with the development team suggesting new features and communicating your needs as users to improve the overall product experience.

In my new role I am taking my passion for Windward's products a step further and this all starts with you.   I will be developing a product roadmap so you can see where Windward is headed as well as the progress that we are making along the way.

In order to deliver the best product possible, I need your help.   As many of you have done in the past, I would like to collect feature ideas and understand how you are using our products now and how you anticipate using our products in the future.

By registering for the Windward Beta Program you are now part of a community where ideas can be collected and discussed. Here you will also see the progress while the Windward development makes adjustments to existing features along the way.   My goal from this program is to give you a window into what Windward is planning and offer a microphone to you during that process.

As with any beta program, there are a few requirements that I would like to establish before we begin this journey together.


Please make sure that your testing environment conforms to the following Windward software prerequisites:
  1. Current Customer Keys have already been upgraded to version 13, login to our online store here
  1. If you do not know how to access your license keys, follow the instructions at this link
  1. Commitments
  1. Please pick one or more of the following new features to test
  1. Shapes and SmartArt
  1. Document Locking in Word and Excel
  1. Pivot Table Support in Excel
  1. New Data Sources
  1. OData
  1. MongoDB
  1. CassandraDB
  1. JSON
  1. Oracle – Renewed for new .NET Connector
  1. Linked Text Box Support in Word
  1. Footnotes Support
  1. Improved HTML Output and Embedded Images
  1. Import Tag that allows the use of Parent Formatting
  1. Font Substitution
  1. Advanced Image Properties (Borders, Shadows, Etc) Carry to Output (DOCX Only)
  1. Please Evaluate at least 2 of your existing templates
  1. Time Commitment
  1. As a beta tester we looking for a minimum of 2 hours of testing to ensure that 


Reporting your 


Feedback and Knowledge Base